2023/2024 Playoff Structure (Upper Canada Minor Hockey League)

Print2023/2024 Playoff Structure
Playoff Format for 2023/2024 Season

Teams must complete 100% of their regular season scheduled games to be eligible for Playoffs.
Failure will result in disqualification from any playoff hockey. (Extenuating circumstances will be
looked at by the league executive)

Teams will be required to email their games results to the UCMHL Division Convenor and D1
R&D (Alex McLeod) with in 4hrs of the end of game played

Playoffs Start: Friday March 1st 2024
Playoffs End: Sunday March 31st 2024 *(if possible aim for 28th)
March Break: Saturday March 9th to Saturday March 16th 2024

Playoffs will be conducted in a Tournament Style format
Based on League Results 2 Pools will be formed (A Champion & B Champion)

UCMHL 2023/34 Playoffs will be Round Robin (RR) Format. Every Team in the Pool will play
each other Once. Followed by Champion Series (CS based on RR finish) to determine final

Round Robin Schedules will be created so teams play equal home & away games.
(Exception – in divisions where teams play uneven number of RR games top ranked teams get extra home ice. Ex. Pool
with 6 teams has 5 RR games Teams 1-3 get 3 home and 2 away, teams 4-6 get 2 home & 3 away. *based on ice
In Round Robin games teams will follow Regular season game structure. Curfew clock will apply

Games at U11 shall consist of 50-minute games, each game will be comprised of 3-minute
warm-up, 10(1st)– 10(2nd) – 12(3rd) minute periods. (50-minute Curfew Clock)
Games at U13, U15, U16 and U18 shall consist of 80-minute games each game will be
comprised of 3-minute warm-up, 15(1st)– 15(2nd) – 18(3rd) minute periods. (80-minute
Curfew Clock)

Divisions that have 7 or Less Teams will create 1 Pool (A Champion) & Divisions with 8 or more
teams will be split into 2 pools (A Champion & B Champion based on league standings at the
end of the regular season)

Top placed teams are in A Championship Pool & Lower placed teams are in B Championship
(There is no movement between pools)

By Division for 2023/24 Season Playoffs (may change if teams move)
(If uneven teams in a division B Pool gets the uneven number of teams. If even number creates uneven number in
pools, then pools are created with even teams, A pool getting extra teams)
i. U11 B Rep – 12 teams (6/6 split)
ii. U11 B House – 8 teams (4/4 split)
iii. U11 C House 9 teams (4/5 split)
iv. U13 B Rep – 10 teams (6/4 split)
v. U13 B House - 8 teams (4/4 split)
vi. U13 C House – 7 teams (7 team single pool)
vii. U15 B Rep – 10 teams (6/4 split)
viii. U15 B House - 11 teams (6/5 split)
ix. U16 Rep – 5 teams (5 team single pool)
x. U18 Rep – 6 teams (6 team single pool)
xi. U18 B House - 9 teams (4/5 split)

The Teams advance to perspective Champion Series (CS) based on points in Round Robin.
Calculation of Points for Order of Finish in Round Robin
1. 2 Points for a Win
2. 1 Point for a Tie
3. 0 Points for Loss

Resolution in the event of a tie(s)
In the Event there is a tie(s) the following criteria will be followed for the team’s posiJons for the
Championship Series
1. The Team(s) with the most wins will advance
2. The Team(s) with the Least number of Losses will Advance
3. The Team(s) that had the best record in Head-to-Head in Round Robin will Advance
4. The Team(s) with the least number of goals against will advance
5. The Teams(s) with the Most number of goals for will Advance
6. The Team(s) with the lowest Penalty minutes will advance
7. The Team(s) that finished the highest Seed in Regular Season Play

Champion Series Team Placement
Based on a teams finish in the RR tournament teams will playoff in a 3 game series to determine
final playoff placements in each of the 2 pools (A Champion & B Champion). *B Champion pool play
single game elimination.

Pools with Even # of teams

1 v 2 (3 games to determine 1st & 2nd place)
3 v 4 (3 games to determine 3rd & 4th place)
5 v 6 (3 games to determine 5th & 6th place)
* B Champion side only plays 1 game series

Pools with Odd # of teams (always on B Champion side – or single pool 7 team divisions)
1 Bye (then 3 game series with winner of 2v3 for 1st & 2nd place)
2 v 3 (1 game to determine who advances and 3rd place)
4 v 5 (3 games to determine 4th & 5th place)
6 v 7 (3 games to determine 6th & 7th place)
* B Champion side only plays 1 game series

The Series will start in higher placed team’s (ranking in RR play) rink if possible based
on ice submission.
Game 2 will be played in the opposite rink
Game 3 if required will be played in the higher ranked team’s rink
In ALL B CHAMPION SERIES games are to be submitted with provision for Overtime,
so there will be No Curfew clock. A CHAMPION SERIES games 1 & 2 will have curfew
clock and can finish in a tie, A CHAMPION SERIES final games are to be submitted
with provision for overtime, so there will be No Curfew clock. The clock will expire at
the end of regular play. If the Game is tied then the game will go into sudden death
following overtime format.
(*All games on B Champion side, and game between #2v#3 in 7 team divisions on A CHAMPION side. ONLY
game 3 in all other A Champion pools)
i. If Overtime is required the following format will be followed.
ii. Coach must name 3 shooters at the beginning of the game
iii. 4 on 4 skaters plus goalie for 5 minutes stop time overtime period
iv. If Still Tied, the first 3 shooters will shoot (best out of 3 format). Shooters will
shoot one after the other (starting with home team shooter)
v. If still Tied, teams will send out a shooter for a sudden death format
vi. There will be no repeat shooters (until all players have shot)
vii. No player that was in the penalty box after the 4 on 4 will be allowed to
shoot in the shoot out
viii. If any of the original 3 shooters are in PB coach must name replacements
before shootout begins

Winner of Championship Series will be first team to 4 points within 3 Games (or highest total points
after 3 games if 1st 2 games finish in a tie).

Breakdown for Scheduling for Pools
Team on the Left will be Home, Team on the Right will be away
Every Effort to Provide Home Ice as per schedules (based on ice submission)